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Nature or Nurture: The Evolution of Pedophilic Disorder

Nature or nurture. Genetics or environmental influence. The age-old question – what is the core mechanism that drives psychological change? An incessant debate has ensued throughout the decades over which better accounts for the evolution of behaviour, but to the shock of many neither nature nor nurture can solely explain this phenomenon. Development proceeds as an interaction of both genetic and environmental factors, and the formation of pedophilic disorder is a prime example of this.

The Appeal of Game of Thrones: A Tale of Sex and Taboo

Game of Thrones. Love it or hate it, it is undeniably a staple piece of popular culture. From steamy sex scenes to incestual sexual assault, the series dived into sexually explicit themes like no other television series had prior. Was this sexual taboo introduced in GoT what appealed to so many viewers, boosting it to superstardom?

A Research Excerpt: Is Pornography Addiction Destined for Some?

In our increasingly globalised and cyber-connected society, it is no secret that the online pornography industry has found its place to boom. But what exactly does this mean for society, and what role does it play in a growing epidemic of addiction?

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